Dr Arthur Kanev – Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is specialty of dentistry that combines dental, medical, and surgical knowledge and skills. It refers to the facial skeleton, and includes the bones of the forehead, the cheekbone, the face, and the jaws, as well as the soft tissues in those areas.

Dr Arthur Kanev

Dentists who have been trained in maxillo-facial surgery are oral surgeons who specialize in the diagnosis and surgical management of oral and facial conditions such as epithelial diseases and mesenchymal disorders. They are able to perform various surgeries, including the extraction of teeth, uncovering the teeth for orthodontic traction, and surgically remove the soft tissue and bony tumors of the jaw.

Dr Arthur Kanev is a retired dentist who did his residency in Maxillo-Facial Surgery, and practiced that specialty for more than twenty years. It was this background that made him realize he had a serious health issue after detecting a suspicious lesion along his eyebrow in 2009. The diagnosis confirmed his suspicion, more a certainty, that he had melanoma, or skin cancer. A biopsy showed that the lesion was malignant. His doctor recommended an aggressive treatment of surgically removing the legions, along with radiation and chemotherapy treatment. “I said yes to the surgery,” he later wrote, “but no to the radiation and chemotherapy.”

Around that same time Dr Arthur Kanev was diagnosed with three additional cancers, and the treatment was roughly the same. It disturbed him that the doctors he questioned each said that they would not opt for the radiation and chemo if they were the patient; yet they routinely recommended that treatment for their patients. He educated himself about cancer and developed a successful treatment of his own, that did not rely on what has been termed the “cut, burn and poison” approach, and today is cancer free.