Dr Arthur Kanev – Partners for World Health

Partners for World Health is an American non-profit organization that is committed to reducing the amount of medical waste, while at the same time improving global health.

Dr Arthur Kanev

Partners for World Health runs a medical mission program that gives doctors, nurses, and other professionals the chance to volunteer their skills in developing countries, with the goal of having a positive impact on the environment, to bring awareness to the level of surplus of medical supplies that often ends up discarded, and providing people with access to urgently needed health care to the poorest of the poor in the developing world. They serve primarily in Southeast Asia and Africa.

As one illustration of how medical supplies are used inefficiently, even wasted in the United States , Partners for World Health states that after a patient has been discharged from a hospital room or nursing home room, all of the medical supplies left in the room are discarded, even if they have not been opened. This is something that happens at facilities all across the country. The mission of Partners for World Health Care is to develop strategies and partnerships that ensure that unopened medical supplies are instead recycled and put to good use.

According to the World Health Organization the general state of the global health landscape is improving, and looks better than ever before. The average life expectancy globally is seventy years for a baby born in 2012: sixty-two years in low-income countries, and seventy-nine years in high-income countries.

Dr Arthur Kanev is a member and supporter of Partners for World Health Care.