Dr Arthur Kanev – An Education in Cancer

Dr Arthur Kanev learned all that he could about cancer afterhe was diagnosed with the disease in 2009. It disturbed him that mostoncologists he polled would not personally undergo the chemotherapy andradiation treatments that they regularly recommended to their patients. Todayhe is a cancer survivor who advocates tirelessly for non-traditional cancertreatment protocols, and tries to bring hope to other cancer patients.

Source: Dr Arthur Kanev – An Education in Cancer


The History and Mission of the ASPCA

Founded in 1866 by an uncommon demonstration of the New York State governing body, the ASPCA has a history rich in difficulties and triumphs. Even from giving consideration and insurance to the city’s working stables, changing dog pounds into professionally run services and creating offices to establish an animal healing facility that is still currently running today. The history of the ASPCA is a proud one that exemplifies triumph, persistence, and compassion.

Dr Arthur KanevThe ASPCA’s main goal, as expressed by Henry Bergh in 1866, is to give viable means to the avoidance of cold-bloodedness, mistreatment and evil to creatures and animals throughout the United States of America. As the first humane conscious organization to be allowed lawful power to examine and make captures for criminal acts against creatures, we are entirely devoted to satisfying the ASPCA mission through peaceful methodologies. Our organization gives nearby and national initiative in three key regions: tending to pet folks and pets, giving positive results to at-danger creatures and serving casualties of creature remorselessness. For all the more on our work in each of these ranges, please visit our projects and administrations page.

Dr. Arthur Kanev proudly supports and advocates for the ASPCA, alongside a huge number of different supporters. He works to help himself and others to enable the ASPCA to do their obligations and help accomplish their main goal, which is refined to one animal at a time. Kanev’s philanthropic endeavors take shape from multiple points of view, and his backing of the ASPCA is only one of them. Kanev will continue to be a proud support of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.