Dr. Arthur Kanev’s Shocking Revelations of Traditional Cancer Treatment

In the winter of 2009, Dr. Arthur Kanev was diagnosed with not one or two, but four deadly and equally threatening cancers: malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer and osseous sarcoma. Dr. Kanev found himself consulting with four different doctors: his general practitioner, his dermatologist, a urologist and an oncologist, all of whom urged him to, immediately and without delay, undergo the traditional western medical treatment for life-threatening cancer(s): surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments are part of the traditional protocol from Western physicians when confronted with the need to treat cancer.

Dr Arthur Kanev

Dr Arthur Kanev

Horrified by protocols which Dr. Arthur Kanev derisively calls ‘slash, cut, burn and poison’ therapy, Dr. Kanev methodically asked all of his doctors the same question: “If you were me, would you undergo surgery, radiation and chemotherapy?” Dr. Kanev’s general practitioner was reluctant to answer, and delayed until finally, under pressure, conceded that he would have surgery, but not radiation or chemotherapy. Similarly, the dermatologist who had performed no less than three successful surgical procedures on Dr. Kanev, confirmed that he would not, as a personal choice, have radiation or chemotherapy.  The urologist who had diagnosed Dr. Kanev’s prostate cancer said he would have surgery to remove the prostate, but again, would not have radiation or chemotherapy. Finally, Dr. Kanev’s oncologist concurred: that he would have the sarcoma surgically removed, but would not have chemotherapy or radiation.

Dr. Arthur Kanev was stunned. The four professionals who treated their own patients’ cancers repeatedly and daily with chemotherapy and radiation, would not have the same treatment if they found themselves with the same cancers that he suffered. Dr. Kanev researched his forms of cancer with his many medical contacts the world over, collecting consultations and opinions about his medical conundrum, as well as discovering a variety of non-traditional approaches to cancer treatment protocols. At the same time, Dr. Kanev began to investigate non-traditional and alternative treatment protocols for treating his cancers. This search was interrupted by a study which Dr. Kanev happened upon which contained a poll of over 1200 oncologists around the world. This study asked the same question of the 1200 oncologists: “Would you follow the standard protocol of radiation and chemotherapy to treat your own cancer?” Astoundingly, 85 to 91 percent of the oncologists polled said no. Dr. Kanev concluded that the reason for this overwhelming negative response was that radiation causes cancer and chemotherapy agents are carcinogenic, attested to even by the labels on chemotherapy drug packaging. The cure was worse than the disease!

The research which Dr. Arthur Kanev encountered in his journey of discovery about alternative cancer treatment protocols left him hopeful to be able to avoid the traditional “slash, burn and poison” approach to cancer treatment.  Unfortunately, the prognosis of his five-year survival rate for those suffering with his types of cancers who had undergone chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, was 0.  All of his doctors concurred that Dr. Kanev should get his affairs in order.