Dr. Arthur Kanev Receives Ultimate Validation

After 6 months of intense and structured effort to utilize his non-traditional and holistic protocols to cleanse his body and create a negative environment there for the cancer cells which had invaded his body, Dr. Kanev went back to his diagnosing doctors for testing. He found from his urologist that his prostate was now only 5% affected by cancer, down from a previous testing result of 30%. His sarcoma, which had been about the size of a walnut, was now reduced to pea-size; a result his oncologist insisted was a flawed scan. Dr. Kanev disagreed and rejected the notion that he needed a second scan to verify that which he already knew. To add to his buoyed spirits, his dermatologist reported that his cancers had not metastasized to his other organs, and his general practitioner physician was left astounded at his radically improved condition.

Dr Arthur Kanev

Dr. Arthur Kanev continued his holistic approach to cleansing and changing his body environment to a negative one for cancer growth for another 8 months, and went in to the hospital for another round of testing. At that time his urologist found no trace of cancer in his prostate, while a body scan indicated that his sarcoma has disappeared, with no metastasis. 14 months of serious non-traditional treatment for his cancers had rendered Dr. Kanev cancer free, and he had achieved this remarkably healthy state without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Dr. Kanev is convinced that his continued healthy protocols, established during a seriously stressful period of multiple cancer diagnoses, will prevent him from ever again suffering from cancer.