Extensive Travels Have Informed Fishing Knowledge of Dr. Arthur Kanev

Dr. Arthur Kanev travels extensively, having visited more than 87 countries so far. On these treks, it would not be unheard of for Dr. Kanev to study the skills of artisanal fishers who generally use traditional methods of fishing for survival. Cultural heritage also leads some artisanal fishers to hold to their ancient methods. Commercial fishers generally use different types of net techniques, while recreational fishers prefer angling, which requires some art and skill.

Dr. Arthur Kanev, who fishes for relaxation, is interested in the habits of fish, their migrations, foraging preferences and habitat. A combination of traditional knowledge and folklores often add to the enjoyment of recreational fishing. Experienced fishermen become quite knowledgeable about the tackle used including hooks, lines, sinkers, floats, rods, reels, baits, lures, spears, nets, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes.

Dr. Arthur Kanev is well-versed in the many conventions, rules, laws and licensing parameters of fishing for recreation and for sport, most of which revolve around the way in which fish may be caught. In most recreational fishing, or angling, it is expected that the fish be returned to the water. Some venues allow fishing only on the caveat of catch and release. Much of sport fishing resolves around the challenge of catching deep water species, not on the value of the fish for consumption. Fish hatcheries grow juvenile fish for release into the wild to supplement the natural numbers of a species, supporting the sport fishing industry with species such as salmon, carp, tilapia, catfish and trout.


Dr. Arthur Kanev Faces Need to Detoxify

Dr. Arthur Kanev, diagnosed with four deadly cancers, was facing the need to totally detoxify his body; this encompassed the forceful elimination of all the toxins and contaminants which existed in his own body. Part of this detoxification would be the readjustment of his body from an acidic state to an alkaline state; introducing high levels of oxygen into his system on a regular basis, the boosting of his immune system by changes in diet and exercise; consumption of vitamins, minerals and supplements, and a complete reworking of his emotional and spiritual life. Dr. Kanev had clarified his self-treatment protocol of non-traditional medical methods through his extensive research and consultations, his faith and the hope that he could survive and beat his four deadly cancers by himself.  He knew that if he followed the standard, traditional medical treatment of “cut, burn, and poison”. That he would die, and therefore had nothing to lose going it on his own.

Dr Arthur Kanev

Dr. Arthur Kanev’s established challenge to detoxify his body in order to create a hostile environment for the cancer cells which were growing inside him, was a huge task. The human body is exposed to and attacked by pollutants each day: harmful foods, contaminated water, cellular phones, radiation from the environment, radiation from electronics, electronic, traffic and airplane noise, heavy metals and the list goes on. Dr. Kanev determined that the sources of contaminants are myriad and pervasive. Tap water which we drink and bathe in is full of chemicals, metals and other contaminates. The amalgam fillings in our teeth may contain mercury, which leaches into and is stored in our fat cells and brain cells.  Exposure to lead from old paint and water pipes, insecticides, fungicides, estrogen and synthetic hormones are found in the food supply, and deep water ocean fish often contain high levels of heavy metals due to the contaminates in the oceans. More insidious are the infections many carry from yeasts, fungi, bacteria and parasites which may be totally unknown to us.

Dr. Arthur Kanev found himself undertaking drastic measures to eliminate sources of toxins, both known and unknown, which were contained in, and contaminating his body and to create a negative environment for cancer cells not to be able to grow and multiply. Dr. Kanev found it necessary to install a home water filtration system which would filter toxins from his tap water. He began to use his cell phone only on speaker, keeping the phone itself well away from his head when listening and speaking. Dr. Kanev had all amalgam fillings removed from his teeth, and began to regularly wear ear plugs when exposed to noise pollution, and avoiding noisy environments. He eliminated contaminated fish from his diet, and included only organic meats and poultry, fruits and vegetables. Dr. Kanev checks his food sources to eliminate any foods that had been genetically modified GMO’S), and had his body checked for infections and parasites, utilizing cures where needed.